Apr 29, 2022 • 14M

Sympathetic Resonance & What It Means For Our World

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Damien Lamar
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Welcome to The Mindful Restart with Damien Lamar. In this debut episode,  we are focusing on how sympathetic resonance may be able to shift global discord toward seeking solutions that bring harmony and unity.

Hosted by Damien Lamar, emerging writer, Simultaneous Professional Multipotentialite, and founder of ProfessorClock Media, this insightful podcast explores what it means to be fully alive. Each week, discover thought-provoking and intuitive messages that use mindfulness and consciousness to help you reclaim your creative power. New episodes every Monday, with occasional extras delivered via the latest technology in high-definition audio quality.

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About Damien Lamar:

I'm a Florida-bred, Emerging Writer and Simultaneous Professional Multipotentialite living in New Hampshire. Besides having a full-time career financial services industry, I am the Creative Director and Brand Specialist at ProfessorClock Media. I enjoy providing unique customer experiences by creating digital content,  taking pictures, and making videos about my travels and adventures.

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