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7 Things You Should Know This Week: A Tribute to Black Music, Elevation Affirmations, Is Journaling Effective? ... and more
7 Things You Should Know This Week: "Social Media, Sharing & Self Love", Music You Missed, Books to Digest, National Poetry Month, and more
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7 things worth sharing this week: Rest + relaxation = taped mouths, 10 Black Creators and Joe Rogan's apology, and more...
7 Things You Should Know This Week: Meatless March, Women's History Month, Brandy teases "New Moon", Homeowner's Workshop, and more
7 Things You Should Know This Week: GoFundMe Campaign for My Sister, Mindfulness, Spring Affirmations, Brand Design or Nah, New Music (and Lyric Vide…
7 Things You Should Know: Liquid Love, Social Media, Sharing & Self Love, Black Music Month, Book Recommendations and more
Sympathetic Resonance & What It Means For Our WorldListen now (14 min) | Welcome to The Mindful Restart with Damien Lamar. In this debut episode, we are focusing on how sympathetic resonance may be able…